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Why is it important to have clear intention and conscience?

  In life, I find that most people meant well when they do or say things. It is just that not many are skilful in expressing themselves consistent with their intention, conscience and values. When they are not skilful in expressing their intentions consistently, it’s easy to misunderstand them and fall into a fight or

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40% of Your Time is at Work, How Do We Make it Feel More Like Home?

Posted by Earl Allan, 26th April 2019 on Updated: Dec 17, 2019 Most of us work at least 8 hours a day. That’s a third of our waking hours! Considering we spend so much time at work, shouldn’t the workplace feel like home? A place where we feel comfortable and safe, physically and emotionally.

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Is There Such Thing as Too Much Positivity?

My personal growth journey started all the way back when I was a teenager and no matter how much I’ve grown, there would always be new sets of challenges to stretch me further. It was until when I met a wise woman I had clarity about what it means to grow, she was my mentor

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Be Gentle, Patient and Kind to Yourself for Self-Mastery

When I started a journey of self-discovery and now self-mastery, I had said to myself that I shall rid all the behaviours that no longer serves me. It’s true what most people say, that once you embark on this journey, it can be messy. Think about it this way, you thought you knew this person,

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