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How to Live With Abundance Mindset?

  Society would often recognise seemingly hardworking individuals, who spend years and years working, saving money, etc. and those who are taking visible actions are those who are deemed as well deserving of the success that they have. No doubt about this. Hard work, hustling and grinding could lead to success too and usually at

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Preventing Financial Meltdown in a Marriage

You and I know that most weddings are very expensive. Bridal gowns would cost a bomb, along with bouquet arrangements, venue bookings and more. I had mentioned in my earlier blog post on how I do not fancy spending an arm and a leg, over an event that would be forgotten. In a marriage, you

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Breaking the Cycle: How Negativity and Complaining Affect Personal Growth and Tips for Focusing on Self-Mastery Instead

Humans, by nature, are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. However, research in psychology and neuroscience has shown that humans are not always solely attracted to pleasure. We often find ourselves being attracted to negative emotions, which include complaining, suffering, and negativity. It has been observed that not everyone associates success or victories with

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Self-Mastery is about Noticing Your Red Flags Too

As humans, we all have a set of behaviors, habits, and tendencies that can either help or hinder our growth and progress in life. These red flags are like warning signs that signal us to take a step back and evaluate our choices and actions. But what happens when we fail to notice or acknowledge

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Growth Mindset Will Only Brings Us Closer to Our Goals

I competed against the best of the best from my club who were finalists in a Toastmasters speaking contest and I did not get to proceed to the next level. Although I was not able to see the performances of all of my fellow contestants, I get to see at least two fellow contestants performed

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