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Science Behind Reiki Healing

I am a Reiki Master and I often got asked, what is the science behind reiki? You’ve probably heard people talk about the placebo effect in relation to reiki and energy healing. Now, of course, having an open mind, a positive outlook and the belief that a treatment will help is definitely going to enhance

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K Self-Mastery strives to create awareness and promote self-discovery and support others to discover the existence of practical, individual, creative yet unifying and effective practices that promotes love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and wellness to the world.

Dismissing Responsibility

Some people have a sense of entitlement that they refuse to take responsibility for what is showing up in their lives. They are familiar with blaming others and the world and fail to look at their actions and sometimes at the expense of others. Most people are doing this subconsciously because society frowns on mistakes

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A Special Person in My Life

Let me introduce you to my beloved mentor and special person in my life, her name is Mdm Fauziah Salleh Yesterday, I met up with my long-lost mentor who’s always been in my prayers and thoughts she is the mentor that’s responsible to introduce me to personal development when I was thirteen. The meeting was

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Importance of Self-Mastery before Marriage

Most people get married because, by default, we grow up, graduate from school, get a career, met the man or woman of our dreams and then there’s the engagement and marriage. If we live by default, we are leaving our future to chance when in fact, we are responsible to do our part to ensure

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