Want to Be Part of a Group that Supports Your Growth?

Do you struggle to find a group that vibrates at the same frequency as you?

Where is my soul tribe?

Am I the only one who thinks about personal growth?

Where can I find friends who loves talking about life and self-mastery?

Where can I find friends who encourages me to grow?

Do you find these questions familiar? If yes, this community is for you.

Have access to weekly bite sized group huddle sessions about life and self-mastery
In this K Community, Members have gotten the following results

Too good to be true?
Why not join us and create the experience together? Join us in the next session with just $45 and you will immediately be a member of the
K Community for life!

Friendly WhatsApp Discussion

You will be invited to join the rest of the members via a WhatsApp group. It is a safe space where you can discuss about matters regarding self-mastery and positivity with other possible like-minded members.

Access to Wellness and Fitness Coach

In this first session catered for you, you will get to meet our wellness and fitness coach as they share their expertise on nutrition and fitness.

Life Coaching

Want to work with a life coach to achieve the results that are important to you in your life? I am an experienced and certified life coach and I will be sharing how life coaching can be beneficial for your personal growth.

By the end of this session, you'll have the KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS as to how you can achieve your goals in life in a systematic way with the support of the K Community.

What you will get out of this session?

  • You will know what it means to have a growth mindset.
  • You will know the impact of being in a community that won’t laugh at your goals, dreams and aspirations.
  • You will learn the benefits of being in a community for your wellbeing.
  • You will get actionable tips and real-life, applicable examples.
  • You will be introduced to the wheel of life.
  • You will receive FREE Journaling prompts and techniques in PDF on how to synthesize all these teachings into simple daily actions and apply them to every aspect of your life + a FREE one to one coaching session worth $277* 

*applicable to new clients

Who should attend?

  • Women seeking to improve their results in different aspects of life.
  • Women looking to develop a deeper awareness of themselves.
  • Women who want to explore other areas of life that they find themselves avoiding.
  • Women who are interested in being around a community that practices positivity and self-mastery

Individuals who are aware that there are room for growth and wants to find effective and proven ways to grow and go through daily challenges MINUS THE BLAME.

Who must NOT attend?

  • If you can’t be in a group of women with a diverse backgrounds such as education, race, religion and life experience
  • You cannot mind your own business and loves to nose into other people’s affairs and not your own
  • Individuals seeking for cure for mental health challenges, while we acknowledge that mental health is a major concern, our expertise is NOT on recovery or treatment for mental health challenges. You can join to learn and be part of a community as long as you continue to see a relevant specialist.
  • People who are not interested in cheering and celebrating growth and progress of other members


Let's take the step to transform your life on the 16th of May, Tuesday from 8 PM to 9.30 PM via ZOOM.

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How much do you pay?

Just $45

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How does this work?

Register by clicking on the green button below. Show up for the event via ZOOM with an open mind at least five minutes earlier and come prepared with an area of life that you have in mind (work, relationship, health and etc.).

Be open to participating and listen from the area of YOUR life that you want to impact. There will be a question and answer segment at the end so come prepared with any questions that you may have pertaining to your struggles.


Introduction to K Community

What it is like to be in a community with growth mindset?(30 mins)

Habits to maintaining health for life with Coach Su Lee (30 mins)

Fitness workout with Coach Yani (30 mins)

Quarterly lucky draw spin (Prize worth $100++)

Register if you want to be part of the K Community

Who is Kamilah MS?

About the Founder

I am Nur Kamilah Binte Mohd Sharip

I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner | Reiki Master Teacher | Para-Counsellor

I was born and raised in Singapore and have worked for a total of more than a decade in the health, financial, wellness and personal development industries with the government sector, MNC and SME.

Currently, I am active in various projects such as ground-up community support group, Ibu Sepanjang Hayat a vernacular for Moms for Life and Dads for Life and corporate programs.

I am known amongst my family and friends as an advocate of happy parenting and inner peace.

Throughout my career, I find interest and joy when interacting with thousands of patients, clients and customers and would often find myself going above and beyond my call of duty to empower them in their lives through lending my listening ears or even being the shoulder to cry on and provided them with coaching that transformed their lives too!

It all began when I confronted my childhood wounds and journeyed life for inner peace.

I am a trained and experienced coach and I have been investing in my personal growth through mentorship, life coaching, courses and books. I continue to invest in myself towards being the best I can be for myself and my life.

I have had learnt from mentors and coaches who are renowned revolutionary thought leaders such as the founding father of transformation Werner Erhard, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Success Coach Dean Graziosi and most recently international speaker Calvin Coyles.

Take this FIRST bold commitment towards self-mastery

Just $45

* Actual results may vary. Kamilah MS does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Kamilah MS’s intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the attendees in their quest for the development of their mind, body and soul.

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