Teamwork makes the dream work

- John C. Maxwell

Do You Want to be in a Community that Supports Your Goals in Life?

Are you sick and tired of being around groups of people who tend to ridicule your views and ideas when it comes to your passion, ambition or purpose in life?
You know, those friends and relatives who would tell you to not aim too far or they said that you won’t be able to make it in life.
Sometimes it feels like we have nowhere to turn to and nowhere to run from the existing circle that we have. It does not have to be this way anymore when you join K Community.

What is K Community?

 K Community is an intentional gathering of K Community members who huddle together
towards bite-sized self-mastery and positivity. It is a non-judgemental community for individuals who love to have fun, contribute and make an impact on others while working towards their individual goals. Admins of the K Community may review the members to ensure that we create a safe space for all to participate.

Who is it for?

It is for women young and old, working or housewife, single, married or divorced, regardless of your status, religion or race, as long as you want to be in a community of women who empowers and support each other towards their personal growth. 
For women who want to learn self-mastery and positivity in life to be able to achieve personal goals.
For women who are willing to learn from their mistakes and learn from one another’s mistakes because don’t we all make mistakes?
For women who has a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset. Yes, you need to have a growth mindset because no one can force a change upon you except when you truly want it for yourself.

Who must NOT join?

Only want to receive and not contribute through your sharings.

You know you are overcommitted and have many other groups that demand your attention and focus.

Not able to appreciate diversity as this is a diverse group with individuals who have different sets of values.

I am a founder of Kamilah MS, I am a trained and certified self-mastery life coach, an advocate of happy parenting and inner peace and a Reiki Master.

I have a wealth of experience organising talks, sessions and events to individuals and corporations. I am competent and I have experience facilitating large group discussions too.I aim to provide simple, practical and effective alternatives to address day to day challenges in ways that allow people to experience inner peace.

I strive to create awareness and promote self-discovery and support others to discover the existence of practical, individual, creative yet unifying and effective practices that promotes love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and wellbeing to the world.

6 Reasons to Join K Community

Safe Space to Learn

Improve Wellbeing

Promote a Sense of Belonging

Learn from One Another

Achieve Personal Goals

Improve Relationships

Have Access to the Following Perks and More!

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Discounted K Self-Mastery Sessions

Huddle with K Community members on Saturdays from 10 am to 11:30 am (GMT +8) via ZOOM, we have insightful and intentional weekly discussions where we introspect and reflect upon topics relating to self-mastery and positivity. 

You have access to different services or programmes offered by Kamilah MS that can support your personal growth and overall wellbeing in the following areas, self-esteem, money, relationship, home environment, health, exercise, spirituality, life purpose, play and work.

Note: These are not compulsory sessions, we make this available for you so that whenever you are ready to address or tackle the different areas of your life, you will be able to have access to the right support according to your needs and enjoy members discount.

Support Group Chat

As a member, you get to join other like minded community member in K Community WhatsApp group, these are members who are interested in practicing self-mastery and inner peace as well as cultivating positivity in their lives.

In the K Community, we encourage members to contribute through sharing their wins, lessons learnt and their personal experience or knowledge that other members may find valuable.

The group thrives on the quality of the sharings and the level of participation from our members too. We encourage you to share at least once a week, some members love to share daily, the more you share the more you and the rest of the members will learn too through exhange of ideas and constructive feedbacks.

Benefits of the K Community WhatsApp Group:

  • Intentional positive sharings.
  • Facilitated conversations.
  • Respectful community.
  • Not spammy.
Kamilah MS Focus Group Chat
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Experts Panel Q&A

If you face unique challenges that the community are not able to support you with, good news! In K Community, you are well supported by K Self-Mastery panellists. Make full use of the weekly Q&A to address any concerns you may have about your personal growth and self-mastery journey.

I will share the answers through email as a group so we can learn from the questions being asked and your questions will be annonymous if you do not want to reveal your identity.

Ask your questions directly to one of the facilitators and we will compile all questions to forward them to the panelist on every Fridays. You will then get their reply via e-mail on every Wednesdays.

Make full use of this perk!

What Our Pioneer Members Say?

wrapped gift box
Quarterly Lucky Spin

K Community is also about learning how to play. Self-mastery does not have to be always serious and intense. We know how to let loose, so if you are a fun loving individual, you are looking at the right community.

Prizes are worth S$100 and above.

Don’t overthink this, it is really easy to qualify for this lucky spin each quarter. It is too good and it is TRUE.

Monthly Expert Topics / Nature Walks

On every last Saturday of the month, we will share carefully selected self-mastery topics.

You get to learn new information on a monthly basis.

K Community monthly webinars, members get to learn new information and knowledge.

If you want to get out of your usual routine and want to expand your social circle while caring for your health join us on a Sunday each month for nature walks.

K Community have these in place for you and we got proven testimonies and results, how you want to level up your participation and your results in life is entirely up to you.

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Still unsure if this is for you?

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