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Kids making a mess? Don’t fret, train them.

Kamilah MS

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I have two boys and they loved making a lot of mess when they were toddlers. What do you expect? They were excited about being just a few years living on this planet. Imagine if you were at a place you had not been to and there were many new items and strange-looking things and it looked really exciting and there were lots to explore. You did not know how things would work in that new place, hence, you needed to explore. There would be trial and error and sometimes you would end up breaking the things you were meddling with or you ended up making a mess until you finally get things figured out; until finally, you knew how things work so you could use them properly.

Guess what? That’s what your children’s world looking like. Have empathy instead of scolding them for making such a huge mess. Use this time to train them how to clean up after themselves and do it consistently.

I never stop reminding my boys to clean up after themselves when they were as young as two years old. I’d encourage them to store the toys back into the toy boxes and I’d do it together with them as part of their playtime. Make it fun!

Do it each time after they make a mess. You will be amazed at how much time you’d have saved when your children know how to clean up without your help as months and years goes by. This will free you up from the unnecessary stress of having to clean up after them and you get to do more things for yourself or your family. Now my boys can help me around the house and make their beds and do their cleaning up withing much prompting. Hence, many feed-backed that my boys are easy to be with.

Try it!

Have fun enjoying the mess made by these kids in the video below. I find them adorable and it makes me reminisce the time when I had built mountains in my mom’s kitchen using flour. Yes! Flour. I’m glad my mom did not turn hysterical. She laughed and that made my childhood memorable and fun!

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