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How to Listen without Judgement?

As human beings, we are given a pair of ears to hear and listen. Listening is a very important communication skill to have. Have you ever been so frustrated with another person for misunderstanding the words you said or when they had misconstrued the sentences that came out of your mouth or when someone misread

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Can we live with fear?

Fear is a four-letter word that can sometimes cripples us, stops us on our tracks and makes us react in ways that could save our lives or can ruin our day for no valid reason. I am going to share about fear in a general sense and will not discuss illnesses relating to fear such

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What does it mean to thrive?

Do you find yourself waking up each morning, refusing to wake up and snoozing your alarm and running late almost every day to work, rushing through the day to complete your task, getting into misunderstandings with family members or colleagues and then you got back home ready for the next day to come and repeat

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How to Find Your Life Purpose?

Our minds are often thinking about stuff and are always occupied. In those thoughts, we may only see a glimpse of what could be our life purpose. Sometimes we confuse life purpose as our roles and responsibilities, skills, talents and what others expect us to do. In my experience, getting to know my life purpose

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Science Behind Reiki Healing

I am a Reiki Master and I often got asked, what is the science behind reiki? You’ve probably heard people talk about the placebo effect in relation to reiki and energy healing. Now, of course, having an open mind, a positive outlook and the belief that a treatment will help is definitely going to enhance

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What to Do When Your Child Experienced Cyber Bullying?

I am a mother of four children. Two boys aged fifteen and thirteen and boy-girl twins who are seventeen months old. I advocate happy parenting since 2009 and I have been doing my research on effective parenting since the first was born. I read books after books, watched super nanny and subscribed to parenting magazines. I

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Is it too late to apologise?

Every day we interact with people in our lives and there’s bound to be misunderstandings, miscommunication and mistakes. Over the years and with self-mastery, I see the ups and downs of communication as excitement and no longer see it as pain and suffering but of course, we do not want to create relationships that are

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How to Create a Conducive Home Environment?

We spend time at home, some more than the other and some less than the other. How we relate to the place we call home can affect our quality of life. Our home is our sanctuary and we must take good care of this sanctuary. Last week, I discuss what it means to have a

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Keys to Self-Mastery

In K Mummy’s focus group session 13, we explored what are the keys to self-mastery. First, let me share that to practice self-mastery in any areas that is important to us in our lives, be it in the area of money, work, health, spirituality, life purpose, exercise and more, we need to be able to

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Three Things to Let Go to be Able to Heal

I struggled throughout adolescence and adulthood not knowing that I needed to heal from upsetting events throughout my life. I bulldozed through life, chasing after my dreams and goals with the hopes that it would make me be someone that I’m proud to be. That was my mistake. I needed to heal from abuse, heal

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Want Self-Mastery as a Parent?

As an advocate of happy parenting, I am a firm believer that happy children will grow up to be happy adults and it begins from home, of course as human beings we experience all kinds of emotions, being a happy parent does not mean that we are being happy all the time, it is simply

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Preventing Financial Meltdown in a Marriage

You and I know that most weddings are very expensive. Bridal gowns would cost a bomb, along with bouquet arrangements, venue bookings and more. I had mentioned in my earlier blog post on how I do not fancy spending an arm and a leg, over an event that would be forgotten. In a marriage, you

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How did I deal with my Own Imposter Syndrome?

When I first embarked on the life coaching industry, I had only a handful of individuals, who were sceptical about what I do and some doubted my competency as a coach possibly after taking into consideration the missteps I made in the past (my past divorces 10 and eight years ago) and my introverted character.

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No More Meltdowns

A book review by Nur Amalina Ohrallayali , Educator with a background in Psychology  No More Meltdowns: Positive Strategies for managing and preventing out-of-control behaviour  Jed Baker Meltdown. A word that often parents shudder upon hearing it. Meltdowns stress them out and most of the time parents don’t know HOW to handle them. Well, if

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40% of Your Time is at Work, How Do We Make it Feel More Like Home?

Posted by Earl Allan, 26th April 2019 on https://www.tgimonday.com.sg/post/how-to-make-workplace-feel-like-home Updated: Dec 17, 2019 Most of us work at least 8 hours a day. That’s a third of our waking hours! Considering we spend so much time at work, shouldn’t the workplace feel like home? A place where we feel comfortable and safe, physically and emotionally.

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How I lead 2019 with ease and grace?

I am writing this blog because I am amazed with my own accomplishment. Previous new years resolutions had been like a to do list, bucket list or even a shopping list albeit accomplishing eighty percent and even a hundred percent of the lists in the past new years resolutions, I decided that this year, year

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Moving on From Heartbreaks

http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTY4gPs2ip4 Healing Journey – Episode 1 Having your heart broken could be a painful journey and could take you a long time to heal. You may be very cautious in your next relationship or you probably gave up on having a meaningful relationship altogether. Your heart could be broken in so many different ways, and

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Why Action is Important When Practicing Self-Mastery?

Have you ever felt stuck in life? That no matter how much you learn, plan, or dream, you don’t seem to move forward? I have. It’s a frustrating feeling of being trapped in your own mind, unable to manifest your potential into reality. It’s like being a bird in a cage, staring at the sky,

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How Self-Mastery Transformed my Life

Self-mastery is the key to a fulfilling life. It’s the ability to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and to focus on the things that truly matter. When you have self-mastery, you don’t let external circumstances dictate your happiness or success. Instead, you focus on what you can control and take action towards

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How Group Coaching Can be an Added Advantage

Group coaching sessions offer a variety of benefits to individuals and teams. It is a powerful way to facilitate change, growth, and learning in a supportive environment. Group coaching can be used to develop problem-solving skills, build relationships, increase motivation, and foster collaboration. The primary benefit of a group coaching session is that it offers

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