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How to be a Team Player in Your Marriage?

After making matrimonial vows, both husband and wife need to know that you have entered into a committed relationship. It comes with taking on new roles, new responsibilities, and new challenges not alone but with a partner for life. Here are some points on how you can be a team player in your marriage: #1

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Kids making a mess? Don’t fret, train them.

I have two boys and they loved making a lot of mess when they were toddlers. What do you expect? They were excited about being just a few years living on this planet. Imagine if you were at a place you had not been to and there were many new items and strange-looking things and

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4 Steps to Make your Child Listen to You

Ever experienced bad tantrums, cries and bawling from the little ones? Sick of having to deal with demands for new toys, candies or having to fight for the TV remote control? Here are the 4 simple steps to rectify their behaviour and if you do it consistently and with patience, you will have entire years

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K Self Mastery Calamity

Good Parenting Tip

What makes a good parent? A good parent strives to make decisions in the best interest of the child. A good parent doesn’t have to be perfect. No one is perfect. No parent is perfect. No child is perfect either … keeping this in mind is important when we set our expectations. But it doesn’t

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3 Important Tips on How to Prevent Complications in Your Life

I am feeling generous this morning, read this and share in the comment section, which points would benefit you the most and why? How can we avoid complications (arguments, misunderstandings, hatred and enmity) in our daily lives? In our lives, we interact with people such as families, friends, neighbours, colleagues, community or members of our

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Why K Self-Mastery Coaching?

Every one of us needs a life coach. I can be your life coach. Here are some of the areas that I help my clients with: Finding your worth; Most of us tend to associate our self-worth to our wealth, status, health, physical appearances, accomplishments, our children, the person we marry, education, skills, charitable deeds

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Why is Positivity Important for Personal Growth?

I was exposed to positivity through the motivational camps or programs that I went to and from the books I’ve had read since I was a teenager. Positivity brought me to where I am today. I can experience inner peace in my day to day life no matter my challenges. After my first job at

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Can We Manage Our Time?

In session number 9 of K Mummy’s Focus Group, we discussed time management. In this blog, as usual, I will share the insights I’ve gotten from the session and also my take on time and how I “manage” it. First, we need to have an awareness as to how we relate to time. One mummy

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Stress Management

Last week, I facilitated session number 7 of K Mummy’s Focus Group, we discussed stress management and I began the session by showing them the following video. Tips for Managing Stress – YouTube Here are the tips mentioned in the video: Identify what triggers stress. Organise time base on your energy levels. Set smaller more

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Use of Tech, Mobile Gadgets and Social Media at Home

I remember the time when technology was first introduced in schools by batches and one of my clients shared her concern about her primary schooler learning solely from a mobile gadget. Back then, I was not a self-mastery life coach, I was a financial consultant and already had two children. The school that she sent

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Part 2: Why Do We Need Self-Dicipline?

In the previous blog, I shared the insights I got from the parents who attended Session 5 of K Mummy’s Focus Group on why we need to be disciplined. This blog is a continuation and I will share the insights I have gathered from the second half of the discussion. I asked the following questions,

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Why Do We Need Self-Discipline?

I am back again after we had our fifth K Mummy’s Focused Group discussion, on the 5th of June. I cannot believe that time flies and that we are going to have our sixth session this Saturday! Our members are gradually increasing too every week and I cannot wait to officially launch this platform to

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Why is Self-Awareness Important for Parents?

With children, spousal duties, household chores and some of us working, it can be stressful for parents, sometimes the stress caused us to be easily triggered by day to day annoyance such as your child asking you for breakfast, your spouse asking you about his/her car keys and one unwashed cup could trigger anxiety and

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Taking Care of Your Wellness/Wellbeing for Your Children

When you follow a lot of those big parenting blogs or platforms, we often hear complaints from the mummies about how it is often hard to jugging parenting duties and self-care. Yes, self-care is about caring for your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. There are eight aspects of wellness for you to take note of

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Why Action is Important When Practicing Self-Mastery?

Have you ever felt stuck in life? That no matter how much you learn, plan, or dream, you don’t seem to move forward? I have. It’s a frustrating feeling of being trapped in your own mind, unable to manifest your potential into reality. It’s like being a bird in a cage, staring at the sky,

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How Self-Mastery Transformed my Life

Self-mastery is the key to a fulfilling life. It’s the ability to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and to focus on the things that truly matter. When you have self-mastery, you don’t let external circumstances dictate your happiness or success. Instead, you focus on what you can control and take action towards

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How Group Coaching Can be an Added Advantage

Group coaching sessions offer a variety of benefits to individuals and teams. It is a powerful way to facilitate change, growth, and learning in a supportive environment. Group coaching can be used to develop problem-solving skills, build relationships, increase motivation, and foster collaboration. The primary benefit of a group coaching session is that it offers

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