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4 Steps to Make your Child Listen to You

Kamilah MS

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Ever experienced bad tantrums, cries and bawling from the little ones? Sick of having to deal with demands for new toys, candies or having to fight for the TV remote control?

Here are the 4 simple steps to rectify their behaviour and if you do it consistently and with patience, you will have entire years of peace and happiness with your children. This method works for me and many other moms who adopt the same.

#1 Do Not Give in to Their Demands

Easy than it sounds? Yes, it is easy. Do NOT give in to their demands. No means No. Children need to learn from a very young age what No means. They need to learn how to deal with a No and move on. This is an important lesson for them when they grow up, they learn that life and people don’t always give in to what they want and they will develop their coping mechanism to deal with the No.

#2 Explain to Them in a Stern Manner Why it is a NO and Mean What you Say

Never, never, ever lie to your children about policemen or in Singapore we often hear our folks lie about the ‘karung guni man. Don’t tell them to lie that the policemen, or uncle big tummy, or monsters under the bed and you name the guilty characters that you’ve ever used to scare the ‘nappy’ out of your children. Instead, explain to them the consequences of spending too much money, or why they have to cut down their sugar intake.

#3 Let Them Throw Their Tantrums

You have to be sure that they are in a safe environment. Pull them to a safe corner and let them cry their tears out. Let them lie on the floor as long as there are no obvious stains. Believe me be it 10, 20 or 30 minutes however long they take usually less than 30 minutes in my experience, they will tire themselves out. All you need to do is get yourself a drink and watch over them. Just tell them you are waiting for them to stop crying.

Ignore stares from strangers if this is happening in public. This requires you to be patient and courageous to face up with judgmental stares from passersby or you can politely explain to those who may want to “help” what you are up to. Once your child is done. Give him or her a hug, tell them you love them and this time explain why you did not oblige, in the most loving and caring manner. I highly recommend you to do the explanation while they are still in your embrace.

#4 Share a Consistent Disciplinary Method with Your Spouse or Other Caregivers

You need to share with the people around you why you need their cooperation in being consistent with how you want to discipline your children, especially with your other half. Children will tend to take sides and that is unhealthy parenting. Do not give room for children to choose between their father

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