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Want Self-Mastery as a Parent?

Kamilah MS

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As an advocate of happy parenting, I am a firm believer that happy children will grow up to be happy adults and it begins from home, of course as human beings we experience all kinds of emotions, being a happy parent does not mean that we are being happy all the time, it is simply my mission statement as a parent, that when parents invest in their happiness and self-mastery, they will able to regulate emotions and make use of resourceful emotions when communicating with their children.

Through K Self-Mastery coaching, I have coached parents to :

Have Self-Awareness

Being aware of our own mistakes as parents takes courage. To be able to look at ourselves in the mirror will make us reflect on our behaviours towards our children. Children model our behaviours, that is how they learn to walk, talk, eat and more!

Promoting Mutual Respect

In every relationship, sometimes we may demand respect from others and this includes towards our children too. How can we teach our children to be respectful towards others especially towards us as parents?
In K Self-Mastery coaching you get to learn proven ways to create a relationship where there is mutual respect because like it or not, respect goes both ways.

Express Unconditional Love for Our Children

If you are not sure how to let your child know how much you care and love them, I can coach you on how you can express unconditional love towards your children. This does not mean spoiling them. Learn how to relate to each child as an individual who has their unique ways of wanting to receive and express love. Learn how to create a relationship where your children do not feel that you only love them when they meet your expectations or when they are good enough for your standards or expectations. Expressing unconditional love for our children can boost their self-esteem, confidence and trust towards you as their parents as they grow up.

Create a Safe Environment for Self-Expression

Sometimes parents wonder why their children hide things from them or are not forthcoming about what is going on in their lives. Most parents do not realise that they have created a home environment that does not promote open communication, love, respect, compassion and understanding. These are necessary ingredients to cultivate with family members at home.

Yes, while it can be challenging since we may have family members who are not aligned with our values, there is still room for possibilities to show up when you open yourself to get coaching to explore creative ways to create a safe environment for our children to express themselves. When your children are able to express themselves, you will most likely be the first to know about any situations, challenges and progress about your children from their own mouths.

Manage Stress

Being a parent can be stressful because we are literarily raising another human being and that comes with a lot of responsibilities and commitment. Parents tend to neglect themselves in the process. Get coaching to focus on you and how you can let go of stress and live a meaningful life as a person by pursuing your personal goals.

Join K Community Focus Group for Ongoing Support

You will have access to a thriving community of mummies who are focusing on self-mastery and positivity in their lives. No man is an island, most members find it a relief to be able to get connected through our intimate group discussion with like-minded members.

Get a Free e-Book worth S$19

K Self-Mastery strives to create awareness and promote self-discovery and support others to discover the existence of practical, individual, creative yet unifying and effective practices that promotes love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and wellness to the world.

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