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What does it mean to thrive?

Kamilah MS

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Do you find yourself waking up each morning, refusing to wake up and snoozing your alarm and running late almost every day to work, rushing through the day to complete your task, getting into misunderstandings with family members or colleagues and then you got back home ready for the next day to come and repeat itself and you live that way for as long as you are in this daily trance?

Just last week I saw a bread dropped from the isle of a supermarket I was in and nobody there offered to make the first move to help pick up the pack of bread and put it back on the shelve. It’s the same with witnessing an accident right before my eyes and no one dared to help the victim immediately or to ensure that other motorists did no run over the victim who was a child and so much more. It is apalling and yet this is a common sight in our society and that’s what it looks like to live a life being immune to our own reaction.

To help others in need may be a reaction too for those who have been helpful all their lives. The key here is to train ourselves to be conscious of the choices we make moment by moment and not simply let the moment pass with us being unconscious about the majority of the moments in our lives.

I was like that. Simply living to exist, waiting on others to initiate, waiting to be spoon fed or told what to do, succumbed to peer pressure and could not decide for me without seeking approval. Not much joy and mostly waiting for life to show up. Hoping for a better day. Hoping that all the problems would go away. Hoping that people will change.

Until one day, I was awakened to my true potential as a human being.

I began questioning my norms, doctrines and learnings from the past. I became more and more conscious of my choices and the consequences that came along with them.

With each consciousness, I can choose how do I want my life to unfold before me.

Where we are today is from the actions we took in the past and where we are tomorrow is from the actions we take today.

Learn to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the scenery, being present to each passing breathe and more!

Then as you begin to take conscious choices in life, you realise that we are given choices every moment, and our next moment is a new beginning and a new chapter and this realisation gives me inner peace!

Last week I shared with the K Community how they can live to thrive and not simply exist or surviving.

The key to this is to be able to recognise our reactions daily. Without this realisation, we are on auto-pilot or unconscious mode. To be able to be in the driver seat of our lives we need to be aware of how we react to things around us. How we react to people, situations and circumstances. When you notice how you react you can choose to continue to react and have the same ol same ol results or choose to respond and steer your life in an entirely new direction.

When we have this new level of awareness, this does not mean that we will stop reacting entirely or that others around us too will have this awareness. As you embark on this journey you will realise that we have been reacting to almost every stimulus. It is up to us to be aware and to educate and bring that awareness to others too.

First, you must focus on yourself and practice self-mastery before trying to educate another.

When you are aware of how you react it makes it easier for you to thrive and influence those closest to you. In the past, you may not realise that your reactions and emotions tend to be a cog that stops you from thriving and living life to the fullest.

See yourself as worthy to receive the good that life has to offer and when you allow yourself to receive goodness, kindness, positivity, happiness and more, you will experience how enriching life truly is and how we have been taking life for granted by merely shutting down and hiding in our safe comfort zone.

There’s more to this and in this blog I am sharing the foundation for you to thrive in your life.

I invite you to practice journaling down your reaction and visualise how you could respond positively to the same situation in the future.

Do not skip this process.

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