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About me.

  • Trained Self-Mastery Life Coach, certified NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Master.
  • CFMAS certified to provide financial advice.
  • An advocate of happy parenting and Inner peace since 2012.
  • Over 10 years of coaching and consulting services.
  • Involved in numerous speaking, coaching, training and facilitated group activities.
  • Worked with thousands of individuals, families and corporations, on issues as diverse as financial planning, marital issues and finding inner peace.
  • Practical, pragmatic and tested through personal experience and results from my coaching clients.
  • Had a fair share of challenges in my life. This has taught me empathy, and I want to support others going through similar trials.


What people say?

Why K Self-Mastery Coaching?

Every one of us needs a life coach. I can be your life coach. Here are some of the areas that I help my clients with

Finding Your Worth

Finding Your Purpose & Meaning

Identify Your Values in Life

Assertive Communication

Attracting Positivity

Constant Dedicated Support

Self-Mastery for Parents

As an advocate of happy parenting, I am a firm believer that happy children will grow up to be happy adults and it begins from home here are some of the challenges that have been addressed:


Promoting Mutual Respect

Promote Unconditional Love for The Child

Create Safe Environment for Self-Expression

Stress Management

Focus Group for Ongoing Support

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Want Self-Mastery in your relationship?

Our lives involve the people we live with and the people we connect with. No man is an island. Here are some of the most common relationship issues that have been addressed through K Self-Mastery sessions:

From Misunderstandings to Understanding

From Arguments to Communication

From Enmity to Togetherness

From Anger to Forgiveness

From Hatred to Love

From Control to Teamwork

Want to restore your Energy?

As a certified Reiki Master I offer energy healing. If you are familiar or are receptive to explore energy healing, Reiki Healing can be beneficial and can be a complimentary modality. Reiki healing can also benefit you if you are not much of a talker and prefers to work on your issues energetically, have you heard of the phrase, you are what you attract? You are your friends and you are what you eat? What shows up in our lives are no coincidence. We attract people, results and lifestyles at a subconscious or metaphysical level. Reiki Healing can expedite healing in any areas of your life such as wellbeing, emotional blockages, bodily pain, communication and more, Reiki energy will flow where it is needed the most for your greatest and highest good.

Restfulness & good night sleep

Promote Natural Healing

Stress Management