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Live Your Life With a Purpose

Do You Struggle to Get What You Really Want in Life?

Sometimes when we want to have what we want in life we focus too much on what to do and we do not address the root cause of our lack of results such as internal conflicts, lacking clarity of our values, emotional blocks and more.

I have supported my clients in the following areas:


Find Purpose & Meaning

Achieving Goals

Being Assertive in Communication

Attracting Positivity

Gaining Clarity

If you want to achieve your goals in life (health, finance, relationships and more) this is for you.

If you want to overcome road blocks effectively this is for you.

If you feel stuck and uncertain to make important decisions this is for you.

I can support in expanding your perception through self-awareness so you can find your answers.

Let me hear you out.

Metabolic Health Program

One of the areas of self-mastery is health and wellbeing. If we take good care of our health it allows us to live a fulfilling life because good health would most likely give you a wholesome life experience. 

Book a FREE consultation to explore solutions to address your health and wellness.

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About Kamilah

Founder | Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner with ICF Accreditation | Reiki Master Teacher | Para-Counsellor

I was born and raised in Singapore and have worked for a total of more than a decade in the health, financial, wellness and personal development industries with the government sector, MNC and SME.

Currently, I am involved with various ground-up community projects with a volunteer group, social enterprise and non-profit organisation that foster mental well-being and ongoing personal growth and development.

I am a member of The Collide Toastmasters Club and a freelance Large Group Facilitator with a leadership development consultancy.

I am known amongst my family and friends as an advocate of happy parenting and inner peace.

Throughout my career, I find interest and joy when interacting with thousands of patients, clients and customers and would often find myself going above and beyond my call of duty to empower them in their lives through lending my listening ears or even being the shoulder to cry on and provided them with coaching that transformed their lives too!

It all began when I confronted my childhood wounds and journeyed through life for inner peace.

I am a trained and experienced coach and I have been investing in my personal growth through mentorship, life coaching, courses and books. I continue to invest in myself towards being the best I can be for myself and my life.

I have learnt from mentors and coaches who are renowned revolutionary thought leaders such as the founding father of transformation Werner Erhard, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Success Coach Dean Graziosi and most recently trained NLP with international best-selling author and coach Calvin Coyles.

I have also trained myself in the field of Reiki Energy healing as a natural pathway toward my self-care and well-being practices.

I aim to provide access to a holistic approach to total wellness through my life coaching and energy healing services.


What People Say?

How I support my clients?

Coaching requires communication, trust and partnership to create a win. Sometimes, a coach and a client relationship can be a long term relationship. I will fulfill my part as a coach, 

I am Committed



Safe Guard Your Personal Information


Access to Various Experts

Book FREE 30 Mins Call to Discover

If you need to have a quick chat and strategise for a possible plan to accomplish what is most important to you. Allow me to hear you out. No hard selling involved.

Self-Mastery is a Journey

Someone with a growth mindset will continue to go on their journey of self-discovery to attain self-mastery, it is a lifelong journey. Here are some of the outcomes for having self-mastery

Problem Solver


Ability to Destress

Access to Opportunities

Inner Peace

Confidence Boost

Want to Restore your Energy?

As a Reiki Master I offer energy healing. If you are familiar or are receptive to explore energy healing, Reiki Healing can be beneficial and can be a complimentary modality.Reiki healing can also benefit you if you are not much of a talker and prefers to work on your issues energetically, have you heard of the phrase, you are what you attract? You are your friends and you are what you eat? What shows up in our lives are no coincidence. We attract people, results and lifestyles at a subconscious or metaphysical level. Reiki Healing can expedite healing in any areas of your life such as wellbeing, emotional blockages, bodily pain, communication and more, Reiki energy will flow where it is needed the most for your greatest and highest good.

Restfulness & Good Night's Sleep

Promote Natural Healing

Stress Management

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Do You Have What it Takes to Practice Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery is a necessity and not a luxury. It used to be seen as a luxury because usually, those who are already well-to-do (C Suites) are willing to pay the price of having a fulfilling and meaningful life. Benefits from the ongoing practice of self-mastery are priceless. Today, with the rise of mental health issues,

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Personal Growth is Not Linear

I’ve been in the training and personal growth industry long enough and have worked with so many people to let you know that personal growth is non-linear. Meaning, you will go through ups and downs as you normally would in life and it will be amplified because you now have a new sense of awareness.

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Why Inner Peace?

I got asked this question a lot of times and being an advocate for inner peace, I am indirectly letting people know that I am an advocate for mental health. In other words, you can ask why mental health? I am sharing from a perspective of a life coach and from my mental health journey

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How Can I Manage My Emotions?

I got asked this many times. “Why is it so hard to control my emotions?” Emotions seem to be the biggest culprit for broken relationships, financial difficulties as well as our health. I struggled with my emotions for so many years since I was a child. Now? Not so much, I experience inner peace the

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Often Being Looked Down by Others?

I am not sure about you but I grew up being constantly looked down on by my family, teachers and friends. I failed all my subjects in school, I could not socialise, I had low self-esteem and not many people wanted to be friends with me. It does leave scars or memories that I can

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When to Stop Caring About What People Think?

The fear of what people think of us is one of the fears we have as human beings. It is also connected to our survival instinct to be accepted by a group of people or community. It makes us feel like we belong or it makes us feel important when we are accepted and approved

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