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Kamilah MS

Founder, Self-Mastery Life Coach, Para-Counsellor and Reiki Mastery Teacher

Hi, I’m Nur Kamilah, a self-mastery life coach with nearly two decades of experience in the health, financial, wellness, and personal development sectors. As a mother of four who has supported family members through serious illnesses and faced personal challenges, including the loss of my parents and a significant mental health breakdown, I have developed resilience and a deep understanding of self-mastery. My professional journey includes roles in government, multinational corporations, and SMEs, and I am a registered instructor with the Ministry of Education. I currently serve as the President of The Collide Toastmasters Club and Area Director for Toastmasters International. Additionally, I am a Board Member for A Voice to Be Heard Ltd and a freelance adjunct facilitator with Sequoia Group. I empower individuals to achieve personal growth and lead fulfilling lives through personalised coaching and my K Community.

Jenny Ng

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, Certified Wutao Dance Instructor

Master of Education in Family Education from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, since 2017. She creates awareness of the importance of conscious parenting with members of the K Self-Mastery: K Community members who are parents and who would like to improve their relationships and communication with their children through conscious parenting methods.

Chong Su Lee

Wellness & Certified Fitness Coach

A chemist trained at the National University of Singapore, she has spent 25 years in the chemical industry in Asia-Pacific regional roles for various multinational companies. She now supports clients through a program that restores metabolic health, offering significant improvements as evidenced by comprehensive blood test reports. Her programs help clients lose weight, increase energy, and reduce mental fog.

Rusmini Binti Komzari


Ms. Rusmini is a highly qualified counsellor with a Bachelor of Social Science and advanced diplomas in social science and counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, she has over a decade of experience providing marital, religious, and personal growth counselling at the Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore. Her extensive training includes specialized programs in creative group work, child-focused dialogue, and neuro-linguistic programming.

Break The Wheel

Member of Expert Panel

Break The Wheel Student Coaching is a nonprofit that offers individualised student coaching. Our goal is to empower students to achieve their goals. Students are matched with trained coaches, and through a series of 1-on-1 conversations with their coach, they explore their goals, develop action plans and learn and discover more about themselves in the process.

About the Founder
Kamilah is an advocate of happy parenting
@BeingAHappyMom since 2012. 

Being a doting mother to four children.

Kamilah’s mission statement as a happy parenting advocate is influenced by a poem by William Rose Wallace, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”
Kamilah has more than a decade in the training, coaching, and consulting business. She has been involved in numerous speaking, coaching, training and facilitated group activities throughout her career as a consultant and a coach in two of the biggest personal development companies in the world and Australia.

She has worked with thousands of individuals, families, and corporations, being consulted on issues as diverse as financial planning, marital issues and finding inner peace.
Client issues have been addressed through Kamilah MS Inner Peace Frameworks (KIF) which addresses the Mind, Body and Soul.


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