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Detail Personal History

At the start of a coaching session, it is important that the coach understands your situation, thought patterns and behavioral patterns before the actual coaching session. Sometimes, this session alone offers client deep insight about the situation and clients may be able to address their needs after having awareness of their thought and behavioural patterns.

Expanding Possibilities

Client will work with the coach to explore new ways of thinking, processing, strategising and eliminating mind clutter to gain clarity or enlightenment.

Change work with Neuro-linguistic programming or hypnotic language may be applied at this stage of the coaching. This method is completely safe and non-invasive to explore new behaviours, creating alignments or setting boundaries.

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Kamilah MS Self-Mastery Nature Walk

Nature Walks

If you love nature like I do and prefer to have your life coaching be done while going for a relaxing nature walk instead of the usual office or room set-up, you can select your choice of venue for Botanic Gardens.

You get to enjoy the scenery and fresh air while talking to your coach about the areas in life that are important to you.

Metabolic Health Program

One of the areas of self-mastery is health and wellbeing. If we take good care of our health it allows us to live a fulfilling life because good health would most likely give you a wholesome life experience. 

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SGD 277
for 2 hours
  • Coaching via Zoom or In-Person
  • 1 x Coaching (Up to 2 hours)
  • Option to add Distance Reiki Healing
  • Option to add 7 Days follow-up coaching


SGD 697
for 1 Month
  • 3 x Zoom Meetings
  • 2 hours per session
  • Unlimited Follow-ups between sessions.
  • Option to include Distance Reiki Healing


SGD 997
for 1 Month
  • 3 x In-Person meetings
  • 2 hours per session
  • Unlimited follow-ups in between sessions.
  • Option to choose from three venues
  • Option to include Distance Reiki Healing

Frequently Asked Questions

Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. You hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.

Imagine this, when you want to excel in sports, you hire a sports coach, if you want to excel in fitness, you hire a fitness coach. In other words, you hire a life coach to excel in areas of life that are important to you. Life coaching can help you navigate your way through the obstacles and challenges (external or internal challenges) so that you get clarity to take the necessary steps forward towards your goal.

Previously life coaching was popular amongst the C suites. Today, life coaching is becoming more and more accessible for those who are seeking ways to live a more fulfilling life and who would like to get to their goals a lot faster. Most people think that life coaching is only for those who have serious problems in their lives. Clients who consistently engage me as their life coach are typically dedicated to have self-mastery in every area of their lives and are committed to deal with their problems and challenges in life in the more effective way possible. Skip the tumbling blocks of trying to navigate life your way or simply learn from an expert who has already navigated their lives to reach to their personal goals.

A life coach is someone who supports healthy clients to recognise their obstacles and barriers in life and empower them to find clarity and inner resourcefulness or inner wisdom to strategise or find solutions to achieve meaningful results base on what is important to them in their lives. 

A counsellor is someone who is trained to guide clients and provide  intervention and prevention.

Most of the counselling methods are similar to life coaching except that life coaching is outcome driven and future paced. I am a certified para-counsellor and I offer para-counselling as a complementary therapy. In rare situations where life coaching may not be suitable for clients. I may refer clients to Kamilah MS panel of  counsellors.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor and offers diagnosis, treatment and therapy for patients suffering from a mental illness.

Our sessions are for like minded, highly driven, solution oriented and motivated individuals who are looking for a resolution, ideas, inspiration and inner peace. My clients’ are individuals, parents and mostly married men and women who are looking for an effective and proactive approach to dealing with their situations. If you are someone who are serious to look for effective and proven solutions to be able to face your challenges and having the ability to manage emotions and challenges with inner peace, this is for you.

Working with a coach requires trust and willingness to be open. It is a mutual relationship of trust, understanding, compassion and patience. Do not engage us if you have doubts about our sessions and programmes or if you are unwilling to be truthful and honest with yourself. Do not engage us if you are looking for general advice or someone to agree with your views or decision. We do not offer advice and while we support our clients, we do not offer biased solutions, we offer 100% of our support through resources that can lead you to find your own innate ability to make YOUR best decision forward that is in alignment with your unique core values.

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