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About the Founder
Kamilah is an advocate of happy parenting
@BeingAHappyMom since 2012. 

Being a doting mother to four children.

Kamilah’s mission statement as a happy parenting advocate is influenced by a poem by William Rose Wallace, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”
Kamilah has more than a decade in the training, coaching, and consulting business. She has been involved in numerous speaking, coaching, training and facilitated group activities throughout her career as a consultant and a coach in two of the biggest personal development companies in the world and Australia.

She has worked with thousands of individuals, families, and corporations, being consulted on issues as diverse as financial planning, marital issues and finding inner peace.
Client issues have been addressed through Kamilah MS Inner Peace Frameworks (KIF) which addresses the Mind, Body and Soul.


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