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Moving on From Heartbreaks

Kamilah MS

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Healing Journey – Episode 1

Having your heart broken could be a painful journey and could take you a long time to heal.

You may be very cautious in your next relationship or you probably gave up on having a meaningful relationship altogether.

Your heart could be broken in so many different ways, and you could experience a broken heart in relationships outside of your romantic ones too.

You may be going through a divorce, friendship betrayals, family turning their backs against you and many more.

The big question is, how do you move on from disappointment, anger, hurt and frustration?

Dr Wayne Dyer had said that it is not the snake bite that kills you, it is the venom.

Holding on to what others did to you, could slow down your healing process.

As a result, you would not even want to lay an eye on the person who hurt you what more talk to them.

The next question is, how long can you avoid them especially if you tend to see them often because of work, your children and more.

How do you let go of the anger, hurt and frustration?

Here are some key pointers that I have personally tried on for myself and my clients that could help in your process to heal:

1) Talk less about the person you are heartbroken about to just random people that you may or may not know.

I know that you probably need to let it off your chest. That is completely normal.

Talk only to people who are neutral and who allows you to process what had happened in your relationship in a healthy way; in ways that do not add fuel to fire.

You can also engage a life coach.

2) Remember the good times you have had with the person and thank them for those experiences; and the not so good ones, let it just be a memory or valuable lessons for you to uncover.

You need to remind yourself that all undesirable incidents that we encounter are only meant to make us grow to be better and stronger people and not one that harbours hatred and resentment towards others.

After all, you can only be truly free and happy when you do not allow yourself to be at the mercy of another person.

3) Understand the very fact that you cannot control what others do or say to you. You can influence them and not force them.

Think about being an influential person, how would you influence others in ways that others would like to team up with you and not go against you, that is within your control and the only way to be a positive influence around others is to work on yourself.

4) Focus on healing and growth. One of the pitfalls that could hinder your healing process is to focus outwards and not inwards.

Focusing inwards does not mean blaming yourself. One way is to first forgive yourself.

Give yourself the time and space to care for your broken heart by surrounding yourself with the goodness that you deserve to have.

Treat yourself well and surround yourself with great people.

There is more to this, of course, these are the four basic steps to support you in your healing journey.

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