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How did I deal with my Own Imposter Syndrome?

Kamilah MS

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When I first embarked on the life coaching industry, I had only a handful of individuals, who were sceptical about what I do and some doubted my competency as a coach possibly after taking into consideration the missteps I made in the past (my past divorces 10 and eight years ago) and my introverted character. It is amusing that these few individuals thought that they knew me too well to decide if I could do my job.

Me sharing this does not mean that I am losing sight of the majority of the people that’s been supporting me throughout the years and believing in what I do.

If I am not mindful, the words of the individuals who did not believe in what I do would become my inner voice and hence, imposter syndrome.

Here are some of what people I knew who were my acquaintances or random online strangers had said to me and what is amusing to me is that they don’t know me well enough.

I am just sharing to inspire those who may be experiencing situations when someone put a damper on what you are passionate about especially when you genuinely want to show up and make a difference to others.

The following were what’s being said to me:

  1. It is hard to open up people’s minds to even want to seek coaching.
  2. there are many other great, world-class motivators and life coaches out there who are already doing a great job.
  3. You are like the Oprah Winfrey of your community. (I include this because I do not favour comparison, I am me. Oprah is Oprah.)
  4. I am no celebrity, who would be listening to my videos or live videos? (With sarcasm)

I’ve been turning a deaf ear. I don’t need to prove to anyone if I am capable or not. As a life coach and being in a coaching business, I do need to get my voice out there for people to know what I am offering.

In other words, I need to be bold and courageous to bare myself to the world and no longer be in hiding under my shadows of self-doubt and imposter syndrome and lacking significance, when in fact, I have had a series of successful outcomes in my personal life and in coaching people closest to me like my family, friends and clients from my previous job.

With self-care practices and treating myself with respect, I no longer entertain my ego to seek approval from others and to determine if I am capable of being a life coach. I let my actions and results do the talking.

I’ve had years of exponential growth considering where I was at in my life before I decided to be a life coach and establish a coaching brand under my name, Kamilah MS.

Sometimes I wonder if these people are interested to see me spiral downwards? Do they want me to feel unworthy, worthless, unfulfilled and not living and expressing myself and doing what I firmly believe is my purpose and calling in life? Who would want that? Typically these are individuals who need healing and tender loving care themselves.

Learn to shut the noise especially your mental chatter.

What propelled me forward was when I had a conversation with one of the coaches in a two days masterclass presented by a renowned husband and wife business partner Kane and Allesia Minkus. She is a Love Coach from Bournemouth, named Annie Sweet, what she said to me struck a chord and I had since held on to what she said,

“There are millions of people in the world who are suffering and they need what you can offer them, ignore those who don’t want your service and those who are trying to stop you.”

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